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WATCH: Car Crashes into Semi in Dashcam Footage

This is just one more reason why truckers should drive with a dash cam.

This startling footage was shared on Reddit to the r/Dashcam community by user u/Rubyysoho801. In the video, the driver is driving behind a blue car as they approach burgundy semi truck driving in the opposite direction. The blue car suddenly swerves into the opposite lane, colliding with the big rig head on. Luckily, the driver with the dashcam was paying attention and was able to swerve off road and narrowly missed the blue car.

In the post u/Rubyysoho801 wrote, “We were driving out of Moab, Utah when the lady ahead of me turned in front of a semi. Thankfully another bystander that also stopped was a first responder and helped until the ambulance arrived. She was talking to us while we waited for the paramedics. Once they arrived, it took them awhile to get her outta the car. Unfortunately, we didn’t. Get any other info/update after they took her to the hospital. Semi driver and passenger came out with no injuries.”

In the comments, they added that they sent the video to the trucker in the burgundy semi when they exchanged information at the scene of the crash.

Watch the video below:

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