Whiskey Covers Highway After Semi Crash

This story sounds like it could be the backstory of a sad country song. In North Carolina this week, an 18-wheeler crashed, overturned, and spilled a whole truckload of whiskey all over the highway. According to Fox 8 News, the trucker was hauling Jack Daniels when they crashed. The accident occurred in the evening on […]

Trucker Comforts Dying Moose During Its Last Moments

Last month, an animal loving trucker had a touching experience on the road that he’ll never forget. In January, SooToday reported that a young trucker held a dying moose in his lap during its last moments of life. The trucker, 24-year-old Hunter Berto, was driving in Manitoba, Canada when he saw an injured moose crawling […]

Trucker Pets of the Week (February 5)

Check out our picks for Trucker Pets of the Week: #1: Zoey the Trucker Dog This canine co-driver was submitted to us by Trucker James Z. Thanks for sharing your pup with us, James!   #2: Kitty Navigator This feline road companion was posted on the Reddit community r/TruckerCats. If you have a furry co-pilot, […]

Top Trucker Memes of the Week (February 4)

These memes were featured this week in our Facebook Group, Mighty Truckers. If you have a trucker meme you’d like to have posted, send your submission to info@aaofoo.com. #1: Suuuure you do… #2: *whistles innocently* #3: There’s Something Off About These #4: All Or Nothin’ #5: Now Presenting the New “Tesla: Maximum Overdrive”  

1,000 Crates of Milk Unloaded from Overturned Truck

Nostradamus himself couldn’t have predicted a more unfortunately appropriate series of events. Last week it was a cookie catastrophe, this week it’s a milk mishap! According to WTSP, an 18-wheeler hauling crates of milk overturned on State Road 436 in Seminole County, Florida. It was reported that 1,000 crates of milk were unloaded from the […]

Truck-nappers Steal Hot Pink Semi

How do you hide a stolen hot pink semi truck? According to the thieves who stole it, just paint it red! According to the Miami Herald, a duo from Florida have been charged with grand theft for stealing a hot pink Peterbilt. The truck heist happened on January 30 in Columbia County, Florida. Unfortunately for […]

WATCH: Jeeps Pull Stranded Semis Through Ice Storm

This helpful group of Jeep drivers came to the rescue of many stranded truckers in Texas this week. Their semis were stranded on the road due to the treacherous conditions of I-20. According to Dallas Morning News, the group is called Carnales Off Road and is a club of Jeep owners. Over 10 Jeeps showed […]

WATCH: Loader Tips Truck Over

You may be having a bad day, but it can’t be worse than this trucker’s. In this video, shared by u/mehoyminyoiwriterboi on the r/Truckers online community, you can see the owner operator’s frustration. The video starts with a loader grabbing hold of the trucker’s haul — a bunch of logs. In the distance, you can […]

WATCH: Who’s the Idiot? Trucker, Train, or Flagger?

In a big messy accident like this, there’s always someone to blame… right? There are three factors at play in this video, posted online to r/IdiotsInCars by Redditor u/CambodianDuck. The incident involved a train, a truck, and a flagger, but it is up for debate whose fault it really was. In the video, a flagger […]

WATCH: Impatient Driver Passes Snowplow Then Wrecks in Snow

“When winter storms strike, the safest place is behind the plow.” That’s the message of this video, shared by u/VermontArmyBrat in the r/IdiotsInCars community this week. In the video, a snowplow is driving down a rural road clearing slippery snow off the road. When the plow slows down traffic a bit, an impatient driver swerves […]