WATCH: Trucker Pulls off EPIC Recovery in High Winds

Trucker Pulls off Recovery in High Winds

Watch this trucker pulls off a recovery in high winds! TikTok user @troythompson360 shared a quick video his daughter recorded while the family was driving in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In the clip, you can see the trucker has his hazard lights on while the 65 mph winds rip across the highway. At one point, the extreme […]

WATCH: Tanker Truck Implodes in Security Footage

Tanker Truck Implodes in Security Footage

Tanker Truck Implodes in Security Footage! “Catastrophic failure… My vacuum truck blew up and I soiled my pants.” Security footage captured a shocking scene that unfolded right before a trucker’s eyes. As the driver stepped into the cab, the vacuum trailer imploded and smashed itself like an empty soda can. The trucker jumped off the […]

Overturned Semi Dumps 100K Salmon in Wrong River

Overturned Semi Dumps 100K Salmon in Wrong River! A fishy fiasco resulted in thousands of salmon spilling in the wrong river in Oregon. According to a press release from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, a trucker hauling salmon had an accident near La Grande, Oregon. The semi tried to make a sharp turn, […]

POV Video: Driver Uses Runaway Truck Ramp

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to use a runaway truck ramp, this video gives you a trucker’s POV. Reddit user u/Emergency_Hurry8852 posted a video on r/Truckers recently that shows exactly what’s like to use one of those ramps. The dashcam video begins with the semi barreling down a highway with a cliff […]

Trucker Helps Rescue Wounded Eagle

A trucker helped rescue a eagle that was hit by another semi. According to NewsCenter1, a trucker was driving in Belle Fourche, South Dakota when he saw an injured golden eagle that was hit by a semi. He stopped to rescue the animal, wrapped it in a blanket, and put it in his truck. A […]

WATCH: Baltimore Bridge Collapses After Struck by Cargo Ship

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore has collapsed after it was hit by a cargo ship traveling on the river below.     Fox 5 reports that the 985 foot vessel struck the bridge around 1:30 a.m. and the bridge collapsed immediately after. The Coast Guard and local emergency response teams reacted immediately began […]

Turkeys Terrorize Truckers: Birds Shatter Multiple Windshields

Just like a scene out of a Hitchcock film, the birds are tormenting highways! Koam News Now reported that a semi truck crash on I 44 was caused by a turkey flying through the windshield. The incident happened around 1 p.m. on March 13 in Jasper County, Missouri. The trucker suffered some injuries after crashing […]

WATCH: Runaway Horses on the Loose on I-90

How’s that for highway horsepower? According to NBC News, two police horses escaped their stable in Cleveland and took a run down I-90 last week. Cleveland Police Sgt. Wilfredo Diaz told the press that horses were on a routine training exercise when they strayed from the group and ended up on the nearby highway. The […]

WATCH: Driver’s Impressive Reaction to Tumbling Seed Truck

A trucker’s impressive reaction time was on display when a fatal accident unfolded right in front of their rig. Reddir user u/rseiler32 posted a clip of an unfortunate accident on r/Truckers this week. The 31 second dashcam footage shows the original poster, a cattle hauler, driving in the left lane on a highway with a […]

WATCH: Train Collision Bursts Big Rig Into Flames

Watch this semi burst into flames when a train barrels into it at full speed According to WCCB, the collision was caused by an 18-wheeler that was stuck on a railroad crossing in Charlotte, North Carolina. The accident happened around 2:30 pm on March 5. When the train smacked into the steel beam hauler, the […]