SpaceX Truckers – The Unsung Heroes of Space Exploration

That’s one small haul for truckers, and one giant leap for trucker-kind. In the age of SpaceX, the spotlight often shines on astronauts, scientists, and Elon Musk himself. However, behind the scenes, a dedicated team of semi truck drivers plays a crucial role in the seamless flow of rocket launches and missions into space. These […]

Truckers Asked to Weigh In On Legalizing Marijuana

As marijuana becomes legal in more states, the trucking industry faces new challenges and concerns about its impact on the workforce. According to Truckers News, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) published a survey to get feedback from truckers on the effect of marijuana legalization. This survey follows ATRI’s 2019 study that determined the usage […]

Report Shows More Women are Becoming Truckers

A recent report showed that women are entering the truck transportation industry in record numbers. According to Truck Drivers U.S.A., 1.6 million women work in the trucking industry. Though the trucking profession is still male dominated, women make up 18% of the trucking workforce – which is a record high. In a time where the […]

WATCH: Self-driving truck responds to tire blowout

This week, Kodiak Robotics published a video displaying how their self-driving truck handles a blown tire. In Thursday’s press release, Kodiak reports that how their trucks handle tire blowouts is the question they get asked the most. As all drivers know, a blowout can be a big deal and every kind of driver, human or […]

WATCH: IKEA uses self-driving trucks to make deliveries

The Swedish furniture brand IKEA announced that self-driving trucks have been tested recently for deliveries. They partnered with Kodiak Robotics, an autonomous technology company, to transport furniture between distribution centers in Baytown and Frisco, California. According to a press release from Kodiak, the partnership began in August and has self-driving trucks making deliveries seven days […]

WATCH: NASCAR hauler for Riley Herbst involved in single-vehicle crash in Arizona

This week it was reported that NASCAR driver Riley Herbst’s 98 Xfinity hauler was in a single-vehicle accident on I-40 near Flagstaff, Arizona. The aftermath of the incident was recorded and uploaded to Twitter by Spencer Hill, a Sprint Car driver. Holy cow. Not good. The 98 Xfinity hauler was involved in a bad wreck […]

Elon Musk announces when Tesla semis will be delivered

After years of production delays, Elon Musk announced that Tesla semi-trucks will be delivered in December. This announcement was posted on Twitter, and states that Pepsi will receive the trucks on the first of the month. This update comes almost five years after production of the trucks was first announced by Tesla. CNN reported in […]

WATCH: Four wheeler fails to pass semi, gets squished against barrier

Talk about getting stuck between a rock and a hard place. On October 2, Reddit user Sylon00 posted dashcam footage on the subreddit r/IdiotsInCars of an Audi attempting to pass a semi before the lane ends. In the video, the uploader is seen driving behind an 18-wheeler when a black Audi speeds up in the […]

WATCH: Man steals semi-truck from scene of accident

On September 21, a trucker driving on I-65 pulled over to help a pickup truck that was flipped in the median. According to WKRN, when the good Samaritan got out to see if anyone was hurt in the accident, a man jumped in his big rig and took off. When police asked the trucker what […]

AAOO Trucker Appreciation Week Giveaway

Happy Trucker Appreciation Week! To celebrate and show appreciation for our nation’s truckers, the American Association of Owner Operators is having a giveaway contest. Each trucker who enters has the chance to win their choice between a front seat organizer or mini fridge for their truck. Following AAOO on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will also […]