SpaceX Truckers – The Unsung Heroes of Space Exploration

That’s one small haul for truckers, and one giant leap for trucker-kind. In the age of SpaceX, the spotlight often shines on astronauts, scientists, and Elon Musk himself. However, behind the scenes, a dedicated team of semi truck drivers plays a crucial role in the seamless flow of rocket launches and missions into space. These […]

WATCH: Wrong Way Hauler Stuck in a Tight Spot

No matter how bad your day is, this trucker reminds us it can always be worse… This viral video has drivers everywhere facepalming and shaking their heads. The video, originally posted by u/Largofarburn on the r/Truckers subreddit, shows a troubled trucker trying to get out of a tight spot. According to the original poster, the […]

WATCH: “Skateboarding” Semi Grinds Rail on Highway

Somewhere out there, Tony Hawk is proud of this trucker. A video of a semi-truck caught in an awkward satiation on the highway has gone viral this week. As seen in u/cruxgt‘s post on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, a big rig is seen doing what looks like a skateboard trick on the rail. It is unknown […]

Eco-Friendly Tires: On the Road to Sustainability

Goodyear is paving the road to sustainability with their concept of new, eco-friendly tires. According to Recycling Today, Goodyear revealed a prototype tire made of 90% sustainable material earlier this year. This demonstration follows their announcement of a 70% sustainable tire last year. Though the new tire looks exactly the same, the materials are much […]

WATCH: Plane Crashes Into Semi in Emergency Highway Landing

A one-man airplane was forced to make an emergency landing this week in Texas. According to KPRC-TV, the plane crash-landed on State Highway 99 around 11:30 a.m. on January 22. As the plane made its descent it clipped a semi truck, causing the plane to hit the concrete barrier and catch on fire. The Grand […]