WATCH: Confused 4-Wheeler Overturns Diesel Tanker

Truckers all over the internet are scratching their heads over one question… what the hell was that 4-wheeler doing? On May 25, KCCI Des Moines reported an accident caused a diesel tanker to overturn in Iowa. Traffic camera footage shows the whole thing go down. When it begins, all seems normal on I-35. A white […]

WATCH: Reckless Pickup Faces Instant Karma

What goes around comes around… and when this pickup went around, it came face to face with an 18-wheeler. This video, shared by u/No-Change6959 on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, shows a quick clip of an extremely reckless driver facing immediate consequences. The video was recorded on the poster’s dashcam. As the footage begins, a Ford driver […]

SpaceX Truckers – The Unsung Heroes of Space Exploration

That’s one small haul for truckers, and one giant leap for trucker-kind. In the age of SpaceX, the spotlight often shines on astronauts, scientists, and Elon Musk himself. However, behind the scenes, a dedicated team of semi truck drivers plays a crucial role in the seamless flow of rocket launches and missions into space. These […]

WATCH: Close Call “Playing Chicken” With Semi

Bet the trucker was holding their breath for this one… This video, posted by u/Can1mex on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit shows a close call with an impatient driver, a garbage truck, and an 18-wheeler. In the dashcam video, the trucker comes up on a garbage truck heading the opposite direction. When it stops to pick up […]

PHOTOS: Big Rig Rams into Hotel

This trucker checked into a hotel the hard way. According to ABC 7, hotel guests were awoken by the sound of an 18-wheeler ramming into the building. The accident happened around 9 a.m. on May 21st at the Borger Ambassador Inn in Borger, Texas. Police determined that the 18-wheeler drove through multiple lanes, over the […]

WATCH: Trucker Gets Wrong-Way Police Escort

Mistakes may have been made, but at least this driver decided to turn around instead of plow into the overpass. ABC13 reported a semi-truck driving northbound blocked I-45 in Houston this week when the driver realized their haul couldn’t make it under an overpass. The incident happened on May 17, and affected morning commuters around […]

WATCH: Turtle Causes Traffic Trouble

No turtles were harmed in this dangerous highway accident. According to Fox News, a multi-vehicle crash happened this week due to a turtle crossing on an active highway. The accident happened in Walton County, Florida on May 16 on US Route 331. Dashcam from a trucker shows the whole incident unfold. In the footage, the […]

WATCH: Skilled Skier Soars over Semi

This daredevil appeared to fear nothing as he flew over a moving semi truck. Skier Tristan “Teton” Brown performed a dangerous stunt that was uploaded to YouTube by Matchstick Productions. Brown is a avid skier who has appeared in Powder Magazine, and won multiple awards at the J3 Junior Olympics, according to Crosson. In the […]

WATCH: Viral Video Simulates 300 MPH Crash Into Trailer

This viral video shows what happens when a sedan smashes into a tractor trailer at 300 mph! TikTok user @oldtenderman has the internet buzzing with reactions to this wild virtual simulation. The computer generated video simulates what happens when a car rear-ends a tractor trailer at various speeds. The video begins with a mild 7 […]

WATCH: RV Bumps Semi and Rolls Over

This driver must have underestimated the size of their motorhome when they tried to weave between two trucks on I-84. Footage from a trucker’s dashcam shows the terrifying moment when an RV flipped and rolled over near Pendleton, Oregon. According to WAVY, the accident happened on May 5 when the motorhome tried to pass a […]