WATCH: Helicopter Hauler Caught Under Overpass

Here’s something you don’t see everyday! A trucker in Denham Springs, Louisiana had to halt their haul when their load got snagged on an overpass. The incident happened on September 22 when a driver hauling a $30 million helicopter got stuck and shut down all traffic on the road. WBRZ reported that the Denham Springs […]

REPORT: Tesla’s Electric Semis Put to the Test — How Do They Really Perform?

With recent videos of Tesla semis outperforming diesel trucks going viral, it’s time to see if the numbers back the hype. As part of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s Run on Less program, users can track stats for participating depots and trucks. The program runs for 18 days and began on September 11. […]

WATCH: 4-Wheeler Pinballs Between Big Rigs

A 4-wheeler trying to make their exit got more than they bargained for. This video posted on r/IdiotsInCars by u/Spooky__spaghetti shows a car bounce off other vehicles like a pinball. In dashcam footage, a car in the far left lane can be seen merging two lanes right in front of an 18-wheeler. From the footage, […]

WATCH: Semi Drags Sedan Down Highway

This shocking footage shows a semi unknowingly dragging a car stuck under its trailer. This video, originally recorded in December of 2021, has resurfaced online and has truckers buzzing. According to Fox 32 Chicago, the clip was recorded in I-294 by Illinois resident Grzegorz Buczynski. The footage shows an 18-wheeler driving full speed on the […]

WATCH: Passing Pickup Slips and Slides Off Road

This passing pickup truck made a series of misjudgments that left in the bushes. A viral video going around the r/Truckers community has drivers talking. The video is an 8 second dashcam clip of a trucker driving on a wet road. Suddenly, a red pickup comes speeding past the semi. The rushing pickup clips the […]

WATCH: Electric Semi Hauls Like a “Work Horse”

Is electric the future? At a time when electric semis catching fire and autonomous vehicles crashing are making headlines, this video is a win for technology. A video posted on X by Tesla Owners Silicon Velley shows a Tesla electric semi hauling effortlessly on a highway. The short clip has almost 90,000 views and plenty […]

Truckers Arrested With $320,000 of Cocaine in Cab

Two men were arrested in Detroit, Michigan with about 9 pounds of cocaine in their big rig. According to Click On Detroit, Sterling Heights police officers were making their usual rounds on patrol and spotted a suspicious looking semi truck parked behind a shopping mall. When they questioned the two men in the truck, they […]

Overturned Semi Blocks I-5, Causing 6-Mile Backup

A major accident left a semi overturned and blocked all lanes of I-5 South. Fox 13 reported that the crash happened in Tukwila, near Seattle, Washington. Exact details leading up to the accident are unknown, but the aftermath left four lanes of traffic completely blocked for hours. 🚨MAJOR COLLISION SB I-5 SOUTH OF MLK JR […]

More Nikola Electric Semis Catch Fire, Prompting Recall

Nikola’s electric semis continue to struggle, as two more reportedly caught fire in Arizona last week. The saga continues, as this story comes after two separate instances of Nikola trucks catching fire were reported over the summer. Reuters reported on September 8 that a Nikola electric semi caught fire twice in one week. It seems […]

WATCH: Wrong Way Driver Narrowly Misses Big Rigs

This video goes to show that truckers should always expect the unexpected when they hit the road. A dashcam video posted by Charlotte Russell Frew shows the moment when a wrong-way driver forced two truckers and to react. The footage was taken on September 5, and is just 28 second long. The video starts off […]