SpaceX Truckers – The Unsung Heroes of Space Exploration

That’s one small haul for truckers, and one giant leap for trucker-kind. In the age of SpaceX, the spotlight often shines on astronauts, scientists, and Elon Musk himself. However, behind the scenes, a dedicated team of semi truck drivers plays a crucial role in the seamless flow of rocket launches and missions into space. These […]

WATCH: Turtle Causes Traffic Trouble

No turtles were harmed in this dangerous highway accident. According to Fox News, a multi-vehicle crash happened this week due to a turtle crossing on an active highway. The accident happened in Walton County, Florida on May 16 on US Route 331. Dashcam from a trucker shows the whole incident unfold. In the footage, the […]

WATCH: Skilled Skier Soars over Semi

This daredevil appeared to fear nothing as he flew over a moving semi truck. Skier Tristan “Teton” Brown performed a dangerous stunt that was uploaded to YouTube by Matchstick Productions. Brown is a avid skier who has appeared in Powder Magazine, and won multiple awards at the J3 Junior Olympics, according to Crosson. In the […]

WATCH: Viral Video Simulates 300 MPH Crash Into Trailer

This viral video shows what happens when a sedan smashes into a tractor trailer at 300 mph! TikTok user @oldtenderman has the internet buzzing with reactions to this wild virtual simulation. The computer generated video simulates what happens when a car rear-ends a tractor trailer at various speeds. The video begins with a mild 7 […]

Can the Tesla Semi Live Up to the Hype?

Tesla Semis have been doubted, but soon they may get the chance to prove themselves. This week, it was announced that Tesla will take part in the Run on Less trucking event this September. According to their website, Run on Less is “a best-of-the-best demonstration that showcases advancements in freight efficiency.” The event will be […]

WATCH: Dashcam Captures Magnificent Lightning Strike

You may not be able to catch lightning in a bottle, but you can record it on dashcam!  This video was posted on April 25 by 401_da_sarpanch on Facebook. The trucker was driving on Highway 403 in Oakville, Ontario when their dashcam captured this stunning video. The footage shows a massive barrage of lightning electrifying […]

WATCH: Train vs. Semi Collision

On the road. semi trucks win most of the time… unless they’re against trains. This video, posted by u/Necon0 on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit shows the moment of impact when a train collided with a semi truck on April 27. The video begins with the cameraman sitting at a red light across from an intersection. A […]

WATCH: Insane Series of Events Caught on Dashcam

“What the hell is going on?” is what what this driver may have been thinking when they captured this wild series of events on their dashcam. It looks like something out of an action movie! This wild video, posted by u/wizzardoftheLOT on the r/Truckers subreddit has people talking. In just over a day it already […]

Concrete Poles Impale Semi’s Windshield

A dramatic scene unfolded on a busy highway when a semi-truck was impaled by concrete poles it was hauling. WTSP reported that the incident occurred on I-275 southbound in Tampa, Florida. The semi-truck driver, a 33-year-old man, told reporters that he saw a vehicle stopped on the shoulder that suddenly merged back into traffic to […]

WATCH: Trucker Navigates New York Hustle and Bustle

“Hey, I’m driving here!” That’s what these impatient New Yorkers may have been yelling as this trucker tries their best to back into the loading dock. This video, posted by Twisted Truckers on Facebook, shows two truckers’ interesting maneuvers to back into a loading facility. While the truckers pull forward and back to finesse their […]