WATCH: Loader Tips Truck Over

You may be having a bad day, but it can’t be worse than this trucker’s. In this video, shared by u/mehoyminyoiwriterboi on the r/Truckers online community, you can see the owner operator’s frustration. The video starts with a loader grabbing hold of the trucker’s haul — a bunch of logs. In the distance, you can […]

Amogy Debuts First Ammonia-Powered Semi Truck

On January 17, the sustainable energy startup company Amogy unveiled its latest innovation — the first-ever ammonia-powered, zero-emission semi truck. Amogy calls itself a “a pioneer of emission-free, energy-dense ammonia power solutions” and aims to “decarbonize” ground, sea, and air transportation. In Amogy’s press release, they explain that their ammonia powered technology has evolved from […]

Trucker Killed When Flying Tires Collide With Cab

A fatal accident involving loose tires flying across the highway occurred in Lake Township, Ohio. According to WTOL 11, the incident happened on I-280 around 2 p.m. on January 17. The tires on a southbound semi came loose from the axle, bounced across the median and flew into a northbound tanker. Ohio State Highway Patrol […]

WATCH: Tesla Driver Taunts Trucker

If you were wondering how to piss off a truck driver, this is one surefire way to do so. In this video, posted to r/IdiotsInCars by Redditor u/brother_p, a motorist driving a Tesla tests a trucker’s last nerve. The incident was recorded on their dashcam. At the start of the video, the Tesla driver slows […]

WATCH: Flying Deer Collides With Driver

Grandma didn’t get run over by a reindeer, this driver did! Looks like Rudolph was running late for Christmas in this surprising video shared by Redditor u/Mizelle in the r/Dashcam community. In the video, the driver can be seen driving on a rural road when a deer comes flying into view from the right side […]

Top 10 Worst States for Truckers to Speed

Everyone knows you shouldn’t speed, but sometimes it happens. If you get pulled over for speeding, try not to be in the states on this list. A recent study by shows the top 10 states with the priciest fines for CDL holders for speeding. Check out the list below: #1. Illinois: $75 – $2,500 […]

Tesla Debuts First Electric Semi-Trucks

“If you’re a truck driver looking for the most badass rig on the road, this is it.” Elon Musk had high praise for his company’s newest vehicle at Tesla’s Semi Delivery Event.. The official delivery of their first electric semis was on December 1, five years after their initial announcement. “I can’t believe it’s been […]

WATCH: Flying Mudflap Shatters Windshield

A trucker shared a startling clip from her dashcam last week. In the video, a semi can be seen passing her on the left. When the big rig merges back into her lane, one of its mudflaps comes loose and is sent flying directly towards her truck. It collides with her windshield and shatters it. […]

AAA Reveals Thanksgiving Traffic Prediction

The American Automobile Association has released its annual Thanksgiving Travel Forecast just in time for the holiday. Their studies show that Thursday’s traffic is expected to reach pre-pandemic numbers of travelers on the road. According to AAA, 54.6 million people are predicted to travel over 50 miles from home this Thanksgiving Week. This would make […]

Best Truck Stop Food in Every State

Just in time for Thanksgiving, published their picks for the best truck stops to eat at in every state. On the road and want a hearty meal to refuel? Check out the list below for the top stop in your state: Alabama- Derailed Diner, Oasis Travel Center (Robertsdale) Alaska- Hilltop Truck Stop (Fairbanks) Arizona- […]