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Trucker Injured in Road Rage Shooting

A road rage incident in Ohio is under investigation after a motorist called 911 to confess shooting at a truck driver.

On February 9, a dangerous case of road rage occurred in Ohio. According to News 5 Cleveland, a 29-year-old trucker was heading south on I-71 when a motorist opened fire on him.

“Ma’am, I wasn’t trying to kill him or shoot him but trying to get him to stop trying to run me off the road,” the 51-year-old motorist told the 911 operator. The driver continued to tell the operator that he threw a can of fruit at the semi after it almost sideswiped him.

The trucker only sustained minor injuries in the incident, and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Ohio State Highway Patrol told News 5 that the shooting is still under investigation, but did not reveal what charges the motorist will face.

See photos from the scene below:

Original story by News 5 Cleveland.


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