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WATCH: Distracted Driver Props Tablet On Steering Wheel

Every driver has their own ways to stay awake while driving at night, but scrolling on an iPad while driving should never be one of them.

A video shared on Facebook by the Wyoming Highway Patrol shows a trucker surfing the internet on a tablet while driving. What’s worse is that the incident happened at night and the device was propped up on the steering wheel, making the scene even more dangerous.

The video was captured by a highway patrol trooper’s dashcam. They noticed the 18-wheeler weaving in and out of its lane, and sped up alongside it to get a better look. When the trucker notices the Trooper, they quickly put the tablet away. The trooper ended up pulling the truck over and conducted an inspection.

Wyoming Highway Patrol included this caption with the video, “With the increasing amount of distracted driving incidents and crashes, we thought it was important to show a recent event caught by one of our Troopers. The Trooper was behind the CMV driver and observed him failing to maintain his lane on multiple occasions. When the Trooper got beside the driver, he could see a tablet propped on the steering wheel. A few seconds later the driver noticed the Trooper and promptly put the tablet down, at which point a traffic stop and inspection was initiated. Please remember to drive responsibly and safely on our roadways. Don’t drive distracted.”

Watch the dashcam footage below:

Distracted driving is a serious issue that leads to many accidents and fatalities. It is important for all truckers to prioritize safe driving practices and avoid distractions while on the road. Stay safe out there, and keep on truckin’.

Video posted by Wyoming Highway Patrol – Commercial Carrier.


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