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WATCH: Failed Attempt to Pass Semi Results in Near-Miss

Pro tip: always make sure you have enough room to pass… especially when roads are slick.

This driver, whose dashcam footage was posted on the popular subreddit r/IdiotsInCars, didn’t listen to this advice when they attempted to pass this semi-truck on the highway.

At the beginning of the video, a vehicle driving ahead of the dashcam car passes a semi on the left. Before that car can merge back into its lane. the dashcam car follows behind and quickly realizes they don’t have enough time to pass. The car swerves to the left and comes to a stop in the opposite shoulder as incoming traffic gets closer. Two cars come dangerously close to colliding with the driver head on, and just narrowly miss. What happened after the near-miss isn’t seen on video, but it appears the two cars spun out and one may have slid off road.

“Judging by the trajectory of that second oncoming car, the little subcompact, their mood was in the ditch with their vehicle,” wrote one commenter below the video.

“Dude shouldn’t have even merged to pass until the other car had completed passing and merging. People like the driver should absolutely have their license revoked, asshole is too stupid to be behind the wheel of a vehicle,” wrote another.

Watch the near miss for yourself below:

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