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WATCH: How to maneuver a pileup like a pro

A truck driver responded to recent weather-related pileups by sharing a video showing how he managed to maneuver his vehicle through a pileup safely.

Pennsylvania-based owner-operator Johnny Hrinda shared the dash cam video on March 29, along with a message about safe driving. He says that the video was captured on March 28, 2022, on northbound I-81 at mile marker 114 in Pennsylvania.

Hrinda said:

Yesterday morning was the start of a beautiful morning, sunny blue skies, I just got done delivering my load and heading back to Montgomery New York, so I decided to take interstate 81 north, about the 114 mile marker I see a snow squall ahead of me about 1 mi, if anyone has ever driven through a snow squall they know how dangerous they can be, so I start slowing down, less than 2 minutes later it’s right on top of me my visibility has gone from 1 mi to about 500 ft in almost a blink of an eye, by this time I got my truck slowed down to about 30 mph, and it just gets worse visibility was almost nothing, we have all seen those YouTube videos of car and truck pile ups, some of us have even seen the after effects, even a few of us have experienced them firsthand and they are one of the most unpredictable and dangerous things to experience, my dash cam video here you will have the rare opportunity to see what it’s like inside of a tractor trailer going through one of these things as the pile up is happening, at the end of it there was over 70 vehicles involved and several deaths, what’s truly sad about it all a lot of it could have been avoided if people did what I did and just slow down because contrary to belief you cannot drive 60 miles an hour on snow whether you have four-wheel drive or not I hope my video will show people by taking your time and slowing down you can avoid 99% of accidents out there.

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