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WATCH: 4-Wheeler Runs Big Rig Off Road

A 4-wheeler made a late decision to merge onto an exit ramp… only problem was the semi it ran off the road to get there.

This video, shared by u/shhuss2 to the r/IdiotsInCars community, has viewers shaking their heads in frustration. The dashcam footage begins with an 18-wheeler driving in the far right lane and a 4-wheeler driving one lane to the left of him. As they come up on an exit ramp, the car slams on its breaks and forces itself into the semi’s lane. The car hits the big rig and sends it off course, straight into the trees off road. You can see the truck mow over the guardrail and a yellow sign in its path.

Watch the footage below:

Car drives a 16 wheeler off the road
by u/shhuss2 in IdiotsInCars

In the comments, one Redditor said, “Why do people always do this? If you miss your exit just go to the next one.”  Another added, saying, “Your exit isn’t that important. Chances of another exit down the road are 100%.”

According to the original poster of the video, the accident happened in Atlanta, Georgia. The driver of the truck is their uncle, who was uninjured in the crash. They also added that the other driver was unlicensed, drove away from the scene, and was arrested later on.

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