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5 Trucks with the Biggest Sleepers in the World

Are you an owner-operator who wonders what features a big luxury tractor-trailer sleeper cab may have inside?

Are you looking for a luxury feature for your custom sleeper berth cab? Are you driving with your spouse or husband who spends most of their time over the road?

Many of your questions related to the layout of the semi-truck sleeper cab, the shower and bathroom, bedding, kitchen, and storage places will be answered in the videos below.

Find the features overview of the biggest truck sleeper cabs in the world.

1. 2016 Cascadia Truck with an AA Custom Sleeper Cab

In this video you’ll see an overview of:

  • Television.
  • Where drivers are storing gadgets and charge batteries.
  • A nice cooking space and a sink, both covered so that they are invisible when you don’t use them.
  • A full kitchen overview and the storage spaces where they keep the food, pots and pans.
  • An overview of their microwave.
  • Storage spaces for clothes, computers and other random stuff.
  • An overview of the air conditioner.
  • An overview of the shower and the bathroom.
  • A fridge overview.
  • Bed overview.

2. 2020 Volvo VNL with 180″ ARI Legacy Sleeper

In this Volvo sleeper cab you’ll see features like:

  • The stairs of the side entrance door into the sleeper cab.
  • The storage spaces on the top of the sleeper cab.
  • An overview of the shower and bathroom.
  • The fridge.
  • The sink and the induction stove in the kitchen.
  • Television.

3. ARI Legacy & Volvo Big Bunk AT GATR B147

In this Volvo sleeper cab you’ll see an overview of features like:

  • Shower and toilet.
  • An overview of the fan, thermostat, and ac controls.
  • The table and the seats where to take the food.
  • An overview of the bed and the second bunk that comes down from the top.
  • An overview of the water tank place.
  • Office desk overview where you can work at the computer.
  • The sink and cook stove.
  • The microwave.

4. 2020 Peterbilt 579 with an 156″ ARI Sleeper Cab

In this Peterbilt sleeper cab you’ll see an overview of features like:

  • The shower and toilet overview.
  • An overview of the water gallon capacity.
  • An overview of the microwave.
  • The fridge.
  • An overview of the kitchen – the sink, food storage space, and induction stove.
  • Television.
  • The office space where they as owner-operators do their paperwork.
  • Storage space.
  • The table and chairs to take food.
  • The double sized bed overview.
  • The wardrobe.
  • Storage space for dirty clothes.
  • The reader light above the bed.

5. 2017 Peterbilt 567 with an 220″ Sleeper Cab

In this Peterbilt sleeper cab you’ll see an overview of features like:

  • An overview of the motorcycle garage layout.
  • A tour through the inside of the sleeper cab without words.

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