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WATCH: Garbage Truck Erupts in Flames After Scraping Overpass
Advice for all drivers: "know your height." On November 28, a garbage truck erupted in flames after scraping an overpass in Indianopolis. The fire department arrived on the scene to put out the fire, and said no one was seriously hurt.  The shocking video captured by a surveillance camera was posted online shortly after. According to Fox 59, …

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WATCH: Flying Mudflap Shatters Windshield
A trucker shared a startling clip from her dashcam last week. In the video, a semi can be seen passing her on the left. When the big rig merges back into her lane, one of its mudflaps comes loose and is sent flying direc…
AAA Reveals Thanksgiving Traffic Prediction
The American Automobile Association has released its annual Thanksgiving Travel Forecast just in time for the holiday. Their studies show that Thursday's traffic is expected to reach pre-pandemic numbers of travelers on …
Best Truck Stop Food in Every State
Just in time for Thanksgiving, LoveFood.com published their picks for the best truck stops to eat at in every state. On the road and want a hearty meal to refuel? Check out the list below for the top stop in your state: …

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