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Truck stop shooting leaves 2 shot and 1 dead
Two people were shot and one died in a shooting that happened at a Pilot truck stop in North Carolina this week. According to WCNC, Charlotte police were notified that shots were fired around 11:30 p.m. at a Pilot off I-85. When officers responded to the scene, they found two victims and rushed them to the hospital. Witnesses said the shooting w…

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WATCH: Tomato spill on highway causes several accidents
A semi overturned in Vacaville, California to cover Interstate 80 in tomatoes. According to NBC29, a trucker lost control of his big rig before bumping another vehicle and colliding into the median. When the truck fli…
WATCH: Head-on collision narrowly avoided by trucker
On September 24, a trucker posted startling dashcam footage of what could have been a horrific head-on collision. Reddit user mattleo98 uploaded the video on r/Truckers, titled For those who need to hear it, please pa…
This 1990s Toyota loaded up to haul a trailer for a unique sight
WATCH: Old Toyota hauls a trailer loaded with logs The video was recorded in Bellwood, Nebraska. “Bought an old Toyota car wanted to pull a fifth wheel trailer with it I did that with nothing on it then I decided I…

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