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Ammonia Powered, Zero-Emission Semi Makes Progress

In January, Amogy unveiled the world’s first ammonia-powered semi truck. Now, just 6 months later, the company sets sights on commercializing it.

According to PV Magazine, the futuristic truck passed Amogy’s tests and the company has plans to start production. Amogy CEO and co-founder Seonghoon Woo  told the magazine that they are aiming for 2025 or 2026.

Watch Amogy’s demonstration below:

Statista reports that the trucking industry is responsible for  23% of greenhouse gas emissions in transportation. In their original press release, Amogy stated that “Ammonia presents a clear path to a zero-carbon fuel value chain across all heavy duty transportation sectors thanks to existing transportation and storage infrastructure. A global commodity, 200 million tons of ammonia are already produced and transported each year, making it an ideal and accessible alternative fuel.”

The path to ammonia-powered fuel itself is challenging, but perhaps convincing drivers may be even more difficult. In January, The Mighty Trucker polled our readers on the road about ammonia-powered trucks. Only 10% said they would drive one, while 20% said no, and 70% said they’d wait for more tests.

“Though there will be challenges, the advancement of ammonia-to-power technology must grow alongside the scale of green ammonia production and both must be encouraged by public policy,” Woo said.

What do you say, truckers? Now that the truck has passed its initial tests, are you more willing to drive one? Vote below to let us know!

Would you drive an ammonia-powered truck?

Original story by PV Magazine.

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