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WATCH: Four wheeler fails to pass semi, gets squished against barrier

Talk about getting stuck between a rock and a hard place.

On October 2, Reddit user Sylon00 posted dashcam footage on the subreddit r/IdiotsInCars of an Audi attempting to pass a semi before the lane ends.

In the video, the uploader is seen driving behind an 18-wheeler when a black Audi speeds up in the right lane. As the lane comes to an end, the Audi tries to pass the semi but doesn’t quite make it in time. Instead, the 4-wheeler gets squished between the truck and the barrier, causing damage to the car and sending debris flying into the road.

One Reddit user commented, “Trucker here, these people can see ahead. They just choose to try and beat the slow semi. Simply just merge behind us, get in the left lane, then pass us. Passing us on the right is NEVER a good idea.”

Another chimed in with, “…weird that there wasn’t any right lane ending signs. In Toronto it’s common that some on-ramps become actual lanes that go until the next exit or two.”

What do you think? Should the truck have seen the Audi, or was the trucker not at fault? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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