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WATCH: Garbage Truck Erupts in Flames After Scraping Overpass

Advice for all drivers: “know your height.”

On November 28, a garbage truck erupted in flames after scraping an overpass in Indianopolis. The fire department arrived on the scene to put out the fire, and said no one was seriously hurt.  The shocking video captured by a surveillance camera was posted online shortly after.

According to Fox 59, the surveillance video came from Superior Towing and was posted by Mark Salcedo Jr., who’s family owns the business. When asked about the incident, Salcedo told reporters that this sort of accident is fairly common in the area. He said a couple times per month, a trucker will misjudge the height of the bridge and scrape the bottom of it.

However, this incident was worse than most. Salcedo reported that the explosion rattled him, saying it “almost knocked me over” while getting ready for work that morning. After living in the area for eight years, Salcedo said that this accident was the second worst he’s seen. The first was when a cement truck hit the bridge.

Watch the fiery explosion below:



View original article from Fox 59.

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