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WATCH: Head-on collision narrowly avoided by trucker

On September 24, a trucker posted startling dashcam footage of what could have been a horrific head-on collision.

Reddit user mattleo98 uploaded the video on r/Truckers, titled For those who need to hear it, please pass others responsibly.  In the comments, they write, “So many people pass on two lane roads when they absolutely know better. Do not endanger others for no reason. Stay safe everyone.”

According to mattleo98, they were driving eastbound on US-30 near the Idaho/Wyoming border when the near-miss occurred. As they come around a bend, one semi tries to pass another and forces the driver to swerve into the shoulder. Thanks to their quick reflexes, they didn’t collide and no one was hurt.

Watch the close call below:


Original video posted by mattleo98.

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