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WATCH: High Winds Flip Trailer in Front of Semi

It’s a good thing this big rig’s brakes were working, or else the pickup driver’s day would’ve gone from bad to worse…

In this video, posted by u/anotter12 to the r/Truckers community, a trucker’s brakes were put to the test when high winds flipped a trailer and spun a pickup completely around.

When the video begins, a pickup with a trailer is driving in the middle lane and the semi with the dashcam is driving in the left lane of the highway. When the wind lifts the trailer into the air, it starts blowing into the left lane. Sparks fly on the road when the trailer tips, and it smashes down on its side. The force of the trailer pulls the pickup off course, and spins it around to face the semi head on.

Thankfully both vehicles come to a safe stop, and no one appeared to be injured. If the semi’s brakes failed or if the driver reacted just a second later, they might not have been so lucky.

Watch the video below:

In the comments, one Redditor wrote,”Give the cammer props for stopping in time. That accident could’ve definitely been worse.”

Another added, “Wheels down when it’s all said and done. Have a cigarette and press onward!” The original poster, the driver of the dashcam semi, replied that they weren’t looking forward to the unload and hoped no damage was done to their haul.

At the end of the day, both drivers can be thankful that no one was hurt in the incident.


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