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Kenworth Reveals New SuperTruck

Kentworth Reveals New SuperTruck

Kenworth Reveals SuperTruck 2!

The SuperTruck 2, a groundbreaking semi-truck designed to revolutionize freight transport, was just unveiled by Kenworth. This innovative vehicle, showcased at the Advanced Clean Transport expo in Las Vegas, features a sleek, bullet train-like design aimed at enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Impressive Efficiency Gains

The SuperTruck 2 boasts a 136% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to previous models. Achieving up to 12.8 mpg, this truck incorporates advanced aerodynamics, lightweight materials, and a mild hybrid system that uses a PACCAR MX-11 diesel engine coupled with an electric generator.

Kentworth Reveals New SuperTruck
Photo from FoxNews.

Design and Features

Resembling a bullet train, the SuperTruck 2 has a streamlined design with a central cockpit, low skirts, and fully enclosed wheels. It also includes night vision camera stalks instead of traditional mirrors, contributing to a 48% reduction in drag. Weighing 26,100 pounds, it’s significantly lighter than typical semi-trucks, thanks to innovative materials and a smaller fuel tank.

Kentworth Reveals New SuperTruck
Photo from FoxNews.

Driver Comfort and Future Adaptability

Inside, drivers will find a panoramic view, a 15-inch digital display, and a sleeper berth with a fold-down bed and rotating tabletop. Although currently diesel-powered, the SuperTruck 2 is designed to be adaptable for future battery-electric or hydrogen fuel cell systems, aligning with Kenworth’s vision of a carbon-neutral future.

Kenworth’s SuperTruck 2 exemplifies the future of trucking with its combination of efficiency, innovative design, and driver-centric features. This vehicle not only sets new standards for fuel efficiency but also paves the way for future advancements in eco-friendly freight transport.

Watch Fox’s coverage of the new SuperTruck:


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Original story by Fox News.

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