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WATCH: Livestreaming Truck Driver Gets Run Off Road

An excerpt of this trucker’s livestream, in which he gets sideswiped and rolls over, has gone viral on the internet.

The trucker goes by OTR_Penguin and livestreams while hauling across the country. OTR_Penguin was driving on a rural two-lane road when a pickup truck driving the opposite direction crossed over into his lane. It sideswiped his big rig and caused him to roll over on the side of the road. The entire incident was recorded on his dashcam and livestreamed to his audience of almost 10,000 followers.

The video has been shared on various social media platforms and has people talking about how OTR_Penguin handled the situation. One commenter on Twitter said, “I feel like he was in the wrong here , the other car literally only came 2 ft over the line.” Another on Reddit said, “You have to commit to maintaining your lane, even when your instinct tells you to jerk the wheel. Hit the truck.”

OTR_Penguin took to Twitter to address the recent accident, saying that it isn’t illegal to livestream while driving and that he swerved to try and not injure the other driver.

Back the Truck Up was able to reach out to OTR_Penguin, and reported that he’s healthy, safe, and staying in a hotel awaiting his next job. They also reported that his company doesn’t hold him responsible for the accident.


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