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Major accident and Trucker Chick’s reaction caught on dash cam

On September 12, YouTuber That Trucker Chick posted footage of a dangerous accident caught on her dash cam. Three angles of the wreck can be seen, along with her reaction afterwards.

Watch the video, originally published on her YouTube channel, below:

In the video, she is heading southbound on US-75 in Texas when a white box truck loses control. From the first angle, it appears that the box truck was riding close behind another vehicle and tried to swerve into the right lane when it hit the brakes. Doing so caused the box truck driver to lose control and instead swerve in front of That Trucker Chick‘s tractor-trailer.

The two vehicles collide, and the box truck driver’s arm and head can be seen breaking through the driver’s side window. Luckily, no one was harmed in the accident.

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