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PHOTOS: Big Rig Rams into Hotel

This trucker checked into a hotel the hard way.

According to ABC 7, hotel guests were awoken by the sound of an 18-wheeler ramming into the building. The accident happened around 9 a.m. on May 21st at the Borger Ambassador Inn in Borger, Texas.

Police determined that the 18-wheeler drove through multiple lanes, over the median, up on the curb, and all the way through the hotel parking lot before crashing into the building. It is currently unknown what caused the trucker to lose control, but the accident is being investigated.

In an abundance of safety, the hotel was evacuated after the crash. Thankfully, no guests were hurt. The trucker suffered some non life-threatening injuries, and was transported to a nearby hospital.

See photos from ABC7 and KFDA below:



Original article by ABC 7 Amarillo.

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