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WATCH: Runaway Semi Almost Hits Officer

You can almost see this officer’s life flash before his eyes.

In this video, shared by u/Fear_Full on the r/Truckers subreddit, a runaway big rig nearly flattens a Wyoming highway patrol officer. The video itself is only 9 seconds long, which goes to show how quickly things happen on the road.

At the beginning of the clip, the highway patrol officer can be seen walking back to his vehicle parked on the shoulder. As he trudges through the snow, his eyes are on the ground to watch his step. Thankfully, he looks up just in time to see an 18-wheeler barreling full speed towards him. He quickly reacts and scrambles out of the way just in time. The semi misses him by mere feet, and drives into a snow bank ahead. The video ends when it comes to a stop, and it appears that no one was hurt in the close call.

Watch the video below:

In the comments, one Redditor said, “Waaaay too fast for those conditions. Its idiots like that who make life harder on the rest of us . . . Any trucker caught on camera going that fast before crashing should have their CDL revoked on the spot. If everyone would just slow the hell down during wintery road conditions, there would NEVER be any crashes.”

Another had this to say about the scene, “Poor bastard was looking for traction like a dog on linoleum!”

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