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WATCH: Semi’s Close Call With Cop Car

Looks like the Karma Police were out and about this week.

In this video, shared on YouTube by the Toronto Sun, this big rig was caught on camera nearly running a cop car off the road. The clip is only 33 seconds long, but that goes to show how quickly things can change on the road. The video begins with the police car cruising in the left lane of a highway. Soon, the big rig signals that it wants over and begins merging into the cop car’s lane. The police car drives partially into the left shoulder and slows down to avoid being hit by the tractor trailer.

It seems that once the semi passes the cop car, the driver realizes it was there and merges back into the center lane. Unfortunately for them, what’s done is done and the cop puts their lights on for the semi to pull over.

Watch the video below:

Below the video, one commenter wrote, “I hope he was at least fined for a unsafe lane change!”

Another chimed in, saying, “Sitting in a trucks blind spot, officer has some responsibility too.”

What do you think? Was the cop riding in the semi’s blind spot, or should the trucker have been more perceptive? Vote below and let us know!

Who Caused The Close Call?

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