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Sheriff’s Office Reveals Update on Missing Trucker

As the search for the mysterious missing trucker continues, more clues come to light in the investigation.

Last week we published an article about the mysterious disappearance of David Shultz, a 53-year-0ld trucker, husband, and father of two. Three weeks ago, Schultz’s semi truck was found on the side of the road in northwest Iowa. His trailer was filled with baby pigs, his wallet and phone were in the cab, and his jacket was on the ground.

This week, the Sac County Sheriff’s Office published an update about the investigation on Facebook. The post reveals that detectives from the Sac County Sheriff’s Office visited the hog confinement that Schultz picked up his load of pigs from. They interviewed employees and retrieved records that said Schultz was late to pick up his haul, but was still loaded up and he was the last truck to leave.

Investigators also found surveillance footage of Shultz at the MM126 rest stop on Hwy 20. Video from a DOT camera that shows him heading west on Hwy 20 is the last time Schultz was seen. Cell phone data was also retrieved by investigators, and shows to him travelling north to where his truck was later found.

Other surveillance footage from the area was checked, but nothing useful was found. Schultz never made it to his destination, Wieckman’s hog buying station in Sac City.

In a bizarre coincidence, a man named David Schultz was reported to have a one way flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix on the day the truck was found. However, Minneapolis Airport Police confirmed via security footage that it was not the same David Schultz that was missing.

In the days following Schultz’s disappearance, “. . . law enforcement, area firefighters, and volunteers expanded the ground search on foot and with the use of drones. Nothing of significant value was located,” wrote the Sac County Sheriff’s Office. “Over 100-thousand acres have been searched by the United Cajun Navy and many volunteers. As of the time of this press release, David Schultz has not been located.”

Anyone with any helpful information is being asked to contact the Sac County Sheriff’s Office at 712-662-7127.

Read the full press release below:

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