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Stubborn Semis Struggle Results in Accident

On November 18, Reddit user u/Super__Constellation uploaded dashcam footage of two stubborn semis to subreddit r/IdiotsInCars.

In the video, a green 18-wheeler attempts to pass a red semi, despite the double solid yellow lines on the road. Before the green semi can pass, the red one speeds up to close the gap between it and the white semi ahead of them both. The green semi rides even with it on the opposite side of the road until it has to avoid oncoming cars. It clips the trailer of the white semi and all the trucks come to a stop.

In the comments section, Reddit users seem to put the blame on the green semi. Below the video one user wrote, “It’s double yellow lines for a reason!”

However, another user chimed in saying, “Put your ego aside, and let the idiot in the green truck in. Your ego is not worth more than the life of innocent people in the oncoming lane.”

Who do you think was at fault here? Watch for yourself and vote in our poll below:

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