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Teens Charged for Chucking Rocks at Trucks

Five teenagers are facing criminal charges for throwing rocks at semi-trucks driving under an overpass.

According to WRAL, officers at Union County Sherriff’s Office in Monroe, North Carolina received reports of 18-wheelers being assaulted by individuals throwing rocks. The suspects, identified as teens aged 13 to 15, were reportedly hurling large rocks from a bridge at the passing big rigs on Monroe Expressway.

When police responded, they discovered one of the trucks had sustained serious damage to its trailer. The driver was unharmed, but their truck wasn’t so lucky.

A Facebook post by Union County Sherriff’s Office revealed that a drone equipped with infrared technology was dispatched to survey the area and locate the suspects. The drone spotted the teenagers hiding near the expressway’s on-ramp and saw them fleeing on foot. Deputies caught two suspects, and were able to find three more after setting up a security perimeter.

WRAL reported that all five teenagers will face criminal charges from the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Sheriff Eddie Cathey added, “Throwing large rocks off of a bridge at commercial motor vehicles traveling on the Monroe Expressway could have seriously injured or killed one of the drivers who were just trying to work hard and provide for their families. The deputies investigating this incident were able to respond quickly and utilized the right equipment to locate, identify, and ensure the juveniles responsible for this incident will be held accountable.”

Read USCO’s Facebook post below:

View original article by WRAL.

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