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Top 5 Indicators That Increase Likelihood to Crash

This week, the American Transportation Research Institute released its annual update to its “Predicting Truck Crash Involvement” research. ATRI has conducted studies on transportation and trucking for almost 70 years. This year’s update highlights 25 indicators of accident likelihood, with four of those indicators increasing crash likelihood by at least 100%.

#1. Failure to Yield Right-of-Way Violation (141% future crash likelihood increase)

#2. Failure to Use / Improper Signal Conviction (116% future crash likelihood increase)

#3. A Prior Crash (113% future crash likelihood increase)

#4. Reckless Driving Violation (104% future crash likelihood increase)

#5. Improper or Erratic Lane Changes Conviction (85% future crash likelihood increase)


Below, you can see the full summary of data by ATRI’s Crash Predictor Analysis study

View full report from ATRI.

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