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Truck t-bones Mercedes in awkward situation… who’s at fault?

On October 26, user u/noconnectiono uploaded footage of a truck t-boning a Mercedes to the popular Reddit community r/IdiotsInCars.

In the video, a driver climbs up into his cab and pulls forward. However,  while the driver gets situated, a Mercedes pulls in front of the truck. It appears that the car is about to drive up a ramp onto a trailer. Though before it can reach the trailer, the truck drives forward and t-bones the car.

In the comments one Reddit user wrote, “I cant help but sympathize with the truck driver. It is a big empty space then as he gets in a Mercedes out of nowhere pulls up just in front of its nose. Like, what the heck?”

Another user commented, “That’s the thing, I doubt the Mercedes driver saw the truck driver get in and was probably looking at the trailer and how to align it and assumed the truck cab was empty. The truck driver got in at just the right time as to not see the Mercedes pull in. Honestly I feel for both of them lol.”

Who do you think was at fault here? Should the driver have checked to make sure the area was clear, or should the Mercedes have waited? Watch for yourself and decide:

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