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Trucker Pets of the Week (December 18)

This week’s trucker pet of the week is Loki the Trucker Cat!

Loki was recently featured in the news, as he went missing for a month before finally being reunited with his owner. According to Fox 8 News, Loki jumped from his owner’s cab and ran off at a North Carolina Walmart. Its owner was dropping off a delivery to the Distribution Center when Loki made his great escape. His owner, a Kentucky trucker named Tim Allen searched for days before he had to hit the road for his next job.

Over a month later, someone found Loki and took him to Cumberland County Animal Services, where they were able to identify him as Allen’s cat. Allen’s sister was able to pick Loki up from Animal Services and the trucker and cat have since been reunited.


If you have a furry co-pilot, four-legged navigator, or adorable passenger you’d like to see featured on our site, please send your pets to info@aaofoo.com.


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