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Trucker who killed 10 in crash was under the influence

On September 7th, it was reported that multiple people were killed after an 18-wheeler barreled through parked cars and food stands along the Pan-American Highway. On September 12th it was reported that the driver, identified as Saul A.D., was under the influence of psychotropic drugs when he lost control of his big rig.

According to Border Report, the trucker was charged with 10 counts of homicide, injuries, and property damage. The judge set a hearing on September 14th to decide if A.D. will go to trial. Until the suspect is convicted or cleared, the Attorney General’s office reported that he will remain in custody.

The AG’s office also reported that the trucker drove through Villa Ahumada around 5:00 p.m. and hit a few other vehicles before continuing on the road and barreling through the food stands. Watch the video from Border Report below:

The accident on September 7th took the lives of five roadside burrito stand employees, along with a roasted cricket vendor, window cleaner, and three customers.

Some victims were buried over the weekend. As their families grieved, they also called for improved traffic safety measures in the area. Some locals, who were interviewed by Border Report, said that they would like to see speed bumps, bollards, or other precautions installed to slow the incoming traffic in the area.

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