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WATCH: 4-Wheeler Pinballs Between Big Rigs

A 4-wheeler trying to make their exit got more than they bargained for.

This video posted on r/IdiotsInCars by u/Spooky__spaghetti shows a car bounce off other vehicles like a pinball. In dashcam footage, a car in the far left lane can be seen merging two lanes right in front of an 18-wheeler. From the footage, it’s hard to tell if the semi rear ended the car, but it certainly lost control. The driver tried to correct their course, but ended up crashing into the side of the dashcam trucker.

Watch the video below:

[oc] cutting off a semi
byu/Spooky__spaghetti inIdiotsInCars

Some viewers poked some fun at the 4-wheeler saying, “Wild concept, but maybe people shouldn’t be 3 lanes over to the left if their exit is coming up…”

Another chimed in to add, “I occasionally drive a concrete mixer and the amount of people who pull out in front of me always blows my mind.”

Stay alert and be careful out there, truckers!

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