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WATCH: Aussie Double Trailer Overturns on Overtake

This is exactly why you shouldn’t pass on double lines.

This dashcam video, shared by u/stainless5 on the r/Truckers subreddit, shows a dangerous incident that flipped a double trailer. The video takes place on an Australian highway at night where it’s hard to see what traffic is coming. Another trucker, hauling doubles, decides to pass anyway, even though they come up on a double-lined stretch of road. When an oncoming car comes at the passing semi, it swerves over into the other lane. The 4-wheeler narrowly misses the big rig, but the second trailer flips over and is dragged behind the semi.

Watch the video below:

Remember, even on small rural roads even if you can’t see anyone don’t over take on double lines! This guy learnt the hard way.
by u/stainless5 in Truckers

Below the video, one viewer commented, “If I was that guy’s boss, I wouldn’t even be mad. I’d just be utterly disappointed.”

Another pointed out, “If you’re the one getting passed you really should slow down a bit to help the passer. Especially with those extra long road trains you Aussies have along with a no passing zone popping up. He easily could have taken out the passed truck as well as his own if that trailer or both had busted loose.”

What do you think? Is it your responsibility to slow down when you’re being passed? Vote below to let us know:

Do you slow down when being passed?

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