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WATCH: Close Call “Playing Chicken” With Semi

Bet the trucker was holding their breath for this one…

This video, posted by u/Can1mex on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit shows a close call with an impatient driver, a garbage truck, and an 18-wheeler.

In the dashcam video, the trucker comes up on a garbage truck heading the opposite direction. When it stops to pick up the garbage, a couple cars pass it when plenty of room. However, as the semi gets closer, one impatient 4-wheeler cuts the traffic line and drives around the cars ahead of them. Luckily for that driver, the trucker saw it coming and was able to hit the brakes before the car scooted past and merged back into its lane.

Watch the footage below:

Please don’t play chicken with semis
by u/Can1mex in IdiotsInCars

One viewer commented below the video, “If op didn’t slow down…..💀”

Another joked, “When the traffic lane you are traveling in becomes blocked, the opposing traffic lane becomes your traffic lane and everyone traveling in that lane must make way for you because you’re special.” Obviously they were kidding, but it is sometimes scary to know that’s how some people operate their vehicles.

Stay safe and alert out there, drivers!

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