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WATCH: Deer In Headlights Avoids Collision With Big Rig

Bambi was almost reunited with his mother in this driver’s dashcam footage.

In this dashcam video, posted by u/vfittipaldi to the r/Truckers community, an 18-wheeler comes around a bend to find a deer standing in the middle of the road. Instead of “standing like a deer in headlights” the animal starts to scamper off. You’d think that would’ve been the end of the encounter, but for some reason the deer didn’t run left or right to avoid the truck. Instead, it runs a few feet down the road away from the big rig… as if it thought it could outrun it. Once it realizes it’s speed is outmatched, the deer jumps out of the way.

It’s a good thing for the deer that this trucker was alert at the wheel, or else things may have ended differently. That being said, the deer did jump over the barrier into another lane of traffic, and u/vfittipaldi said they were unsure if the animal made it. For it’s sake, hopefully other drivers were as aware as this trucker.

Watch the video below:

Below the video, one Redditor commented on the animal’s instincts. “Dumbest animals on the planet. ‘Giant long-legged rats’ is what I usually call them but that seems to be a compliment to their intelligence,” they said.

Another user compared the deer to a different animal, saying, “At least they have the thought to try to get out of the way. Kangaroos will stand by the side of the road, waiting for you to pass. Then at the very last moment decide they want to cross. Absolutely not a care in the world. It’s like they don’t even see you. No panic or anything. They just jump out and die.”

What has been your experience with deer on the road? Vote below and let us know!

What has been your experience with deer on the road?

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