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WATCH: Distracted Driver Flies off Flatbed

Just a good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm… this accident looks like a real-life episode of “The Dukes of Hazzard”!

This viral video of a 4-wheeler taking flight has viewers making comparisons to the classic TV show. The clip, posted by u/donaltman3 on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit has over 29 thousand views and almost 2 thousand comments.

The police bodycam footage shows that the incident happened on May 25. It begins at the scene of an accident as the officer approaches the vehicles. On the opposite side of the highway, a flatbed tow truck is stopped on the shoulder. Everything seems routine, until a distracted 4-wheeler drives full speed into the flatbed and is launches off the angled bed. The car soars into the air and crashes down on its side before the footage ends.

Watch the video below:

wait for it……
by u/donaltman3 in IdiotsInCars

One viewer commented, “I’ve had the temptation to do this. I don’t know if they committed to that little voice in their head or just wasn’t paying attention.”

The original poster of the video commented below to say that drivers were rubbernecking as they passed by the original accident, which could have been the cause of the flying sedan’s distraction. They also confirmed that the driver and passengers in the car were “banged up but survived.”

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