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WATCH: Driver Passes Out as His Truck Causes Chaos

Intense footage of a runaway semi-truck causing damage has been released. The driver reportedly passed out behind the wheel, causing the rig to drive onto the sidewalk and ram into a bus stop.

The incident happened in Adelaide, Australia this week and was reported by Nine News. Dashcam footage from a witness caught the whole scenario on camera. The witness, Paul Brackley, told Nine News that he was in the semi’s path of destruction when it went down. “He completely lost control, and he was coming into me so I put my foot on the accelerator to get away,” he told Nine News. “And then he started crashing into things, and then I immediately pulled up, and then I ran back and helped the guy out of the truck.”

In the video, the truck can be seen veering off the road and onto the sidewalk. There, it plows over trees, lightposts, garbage cans, and even a bus stop. Miraculously, no one was hurt in the incident.

Watch the dashcam footage below:

Brackley rushed over to the truck when it finally came to a stop, and was able to help the unconscious man out of the vehicle. From there, he was taken to the hospital for mandatory drug & alcohol testing. It is unknown what caused the trucker to pass out, and he is reportedly still trying to remember what happened. However, he is grateful that no one was injured in the accident.

See photos from the scene below:



Original article and photos from Nine News.

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