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WATCH: Driver Spins 360° on Icy Highway

They say what goes around comes around… and karma sent this impatient 4-wheeler 360 degrees around!

This dashcam video, shared by u/bowtieguy85 in the r/Truckers community on Reddit, shows a dangerous spinout and admittedly impressive recovery. The footage begins with the big rig driving in the center lane and a 4-wheeler in the right lane closing in on another vehicle’s bumper. Instead of slowing down, the hasty driver veers into solid ice to attempt passing the vehicle on the shoulder. When the hurried driver moves in front of the slower car, it loses control on the slick road. It slides into the semi’s center lane and spins in a full circle before being able to recover. Thankfully the trucker was alert and reacted smoothly to the slippery circumstance.

Watch the dashcam footage below:

Minneapolis Saturday morning. passing on shoulder on icy roads. #idiotseverywhere.
by u/bowtieguy85 in Truckers

In the comments, users chimed in with their reactions. One Redditor wrote, “There’s the whole weeks worth of adrenaline in about 20 seconds, I really hope that moron learned something from this,” to which another replied, “I bet they blame everyone else. “If those assholes weren’t in my way, I wouldn’t have had to use the damned shoulder in the first place!”

Another user added, “Lol, passing on the right, passing on the shoulder, no less, and passing on a snow covered shoulder to boot! Another genius four-wheeler.”

Which driver is to blame for the car spinning out?

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