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WATCH: Hitchhiker Hammocks Under Trailer

This hitchhiker seems way too chill to be hammocking at 70+ MPH!

A video of a man relaxing in an extreme way has gone viral, leaving truckers scratching their head at the bravery or stupidity. The video shows a man laying in a hammock hanging from the underside of a trailer. The catch is… the trailer is on the road and driving at full speed!

See the video below:

Importance of a good pre-trip.
by u/JimBobPaul in Truckers

One viewer commented, “He won’t be so content when a gravel truck pulls on the highway in front of them.”

Another wrote, “I wish I trusted anything as much as this guy trusts that hammock.”

Let this video be a good reminder to always do a good pre-trip walk-around. Check your lights, tires, and now apparently make sure no one’s hammocking under your trailer! Stay safe out there, drivers.



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