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WATCH: Hungry Trucker Wrecks Reaching for Food

It only takes a few minutes to pull over to grab your food… or 5 seconds to tip the entire truck.

This video, shared by u/TXVERAS and originally posted by onepopnews shows a trucker’s (unsuccessful) attempt to eat while driving. In the footage, two angles can be seen — one shows the road ahead, and the other shows the semi driver behind the wheel.

The video begins with the trucker driving on an open road and appearing to look for his lunch. When he realizes he can’t reach it, he unbuckles his seatbelt and reaches behind him for it. Unfortunately, he moves the steering wheel when he’s not looking at the road and causes his big rig to lose control. He tries his best to stabilize the semi, but it’s too late and the rig overturns.

Watch the footage below:

To eat while driving
by u/TXVERAS in therewasanattempt

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