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WATCH: Inches Away From Disaster- Close Call With Stopped Car

A 4-wheeler really put this trucker’s brakes to the test!

The video, posted by r/StayWildStayFree on the r/Truckers subreddit, shows a frustrating sequence of events. As the trucker drives along I-40, everything seems to be normal with traffic moving steadily along. That is, until the car in front of him comes to an abrupt stop. Thankfully, r/StayWildStayFree was alert and quickly hit the brakes. The big rig comes screeching to a halt, stopping just inches from ramming into the stopped car. When the vehicle drives forward, the cause of the interruption can be seen — a crushed traffic barrel on the side of the middle lane. Both drivers were able to drive away unscathed.

Watch the video below:

Close call on NC I-40 the other week
by u/StayWildStayFree in Truckers

In the comments, one user pointed out, “Good job, driver. Nothing worse than that feeling of ‘someone’s dumb decision almost cost me my job’ while having no control over it.”

Another user asked,  “What’s that you said? Couldn’t quite read your lips.” To which the trucker replied, “I very loudly hollered the coveted 4 letter f word 😂”

This is just another reminder to always be alert and have your eyes on the road, in case something unexpected happens. Stay safe out there, drivers!

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