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WATCH: Loader Tips Truck Over

You may be having a bad day, but it can’t be worse than this trucker’s.

In this video, shared by u/mehoyminyoiwriterboi on the r/Truckers online community, you can see the owner operator’s frustration.

The video starts with a loader grabbing hold of the trucker’s haul — a bunch of logs. In the distance, you can see the trucker looking on as he waits patiently for the logs to be unloaded. The loader lifts the logs straight up, and puts it in reverse. However, as a couple logs come loose, the receiver lowers the load just slightly too early. They catching on a piece of the truck and drag it back to tip it over on its side.

The trucker can be seen in the background, throwing his hands in the air and even falling to the ground in disbelief.

Below the video, one Redditor commented, “You got to keep your forks up in the air and back the loader straight up until you are sure the radius of log deck will clear the logging truck before you start your turn. Only then do you start to lower your forks. Yes there is a bit of simple geometry involved. This moron tried to rush and quite likely was then in a rush to the unemployment office.”

Another commenter raised the question, “Why not lift up with the loader, then pull the truck forward out of the way, then have the loader lower the grappled logs and haul away?”

Watch the incident unfold below:

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