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WATCH: Motorist gets what they deserve for not giving this trucker room to turn

A truck driver chucks a full drink at a filming motorist after making a tight turn in this video.

In the clip, a semi truck attempts to make a right turn at an intersection and just barely makes it without tapping the car stopped at the front of the red light line.

Apparently, at one point during the turn the trucker either thought the filming motorist (second car in line) didn’t do enough to help accommodate his turn, or he was upset by the fact that the motorist was filming, because he absolutely hucks a full fountain drink at the filming motorist’s window as he finishes his turn and continues on his way.

“That dude had plenty of room. The pickup didn’t need to move back. That is a non driving truck driver. I could have made that turn in my w900 with my spread axle and still not hit the curb. And they are 2 back from the stop line,” commented one viewer.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve dreamed of this, but when being a professional truck driver, holding your composure and not reacting out of anger is part of the job,” added another.

Check out the somewhat surprising video, below.

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