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WATCH: Passing Trailer Clips Truck & Overturns Semi

This dashcam footage looks like something straight out of a trucker’s nightmare.

The video, posted by u/Longjumping-Cycle470 on r/Truckers, shows the moments leading up to a dangerous accident. In the footage, a yellow semi overtakes the dashcam trucker but misjudges the distance between them. When the yellow trailer merges back into the right lane, it pushes the semi against the guardrail and causes it to flip over.

Watch the footage below:

My biggest fear when somebody passing me. I really appreciate when ppl don’t just jump back over just bc cars are tailgating them to get over. Please create a cushion before you get back over.
by u/Longjumping-Cycle470 in Truckers

Below the video, one commenter thinks the passing driver shouldn’t be on the road after this incident. “The passing driver should have his CDL yanked for life. No excuse for coming over that soon and wrecking another truck,” they said. Another pointed out, “This looks like he forgot he even had a trailer.”

Another viewer brought up the point, “And that is why you have a dash cam.”


Stay safe out there, truckers!

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