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WATCH: Reckless Pickup Causes Accident

This impatient driver ensured that nobody would arrive to their destinations on time, and put lives at risk while doing so.

This video, from @401_da_sarpanch on Twitter, shows a reckless pickup truck driver causes a chain reaction that sends an 18-wheeler driving on the wrong side of the highway. The trucker caught the whole scene on their dashcam.

In the video, a black pickup truck speeds up to try and pass the semi in the left shoulder. When it hastily merges back in front of it, the driver loses control and smashes into the trailer of another semi driving in the right lane. Then, dashcam semi plows into the side of the pickup. This sends the big rig off course and barreling across the median into oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway.

The incident happened in New Mexico last week. According to @401_da_sarpanch, no one was hurt in the accident.

Watch it all go down below:

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