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WATCH: Reckless Pickup Faces Instant Karma

What goes around comes around… and when this pickup went around, it came face to face with an 18-wheeler.

This video, shared by u/No-Change6959 on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, shows a quick clip of an extremely reckless driver facing immediate consequences.

The video was recorded on the poster’s dashcam. As the footage begins, a Ford driver can be seen swerving into the left lane to pass a semi. When it merges left, it swerves into the oncoming lane and clips the front of a semi head-on. The impact brings the Ford to a rolling stop, oncoming blocking traffic, and the semi can be seen overturning in the dashcam driver’s side mirror.

Watch the video below:

Driver Gets Instant Karma For Reckless Driving
by u/No-Change6959 in IdiotsInCars

One viewer commented, “What a terrible driver too… Completely overshot it into oncoming traffic. Fool’s lucky to be alive.”

Another added, “He was really lucky the truck driver has good reflexes, otherwise he would have hit the truck head on…”

Luckily, the drivers only received minor injuries. However, a reckless incident like this could have resulted in much worse.

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