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WATCH: Runaway Oil Truck

You never think you’d forget to do something so simple… until you do.

This is why you always double check. This video, posted by u/Babuszka6 on the r/Truckers subreddit shows one of every drivers’ worst fears.

The video begins with a fairly normal scene. The truck is parked on a spot of asphalt that is cleared of snow, while another driver loads up their vehicle and gets in. All appears to be normal, until the truck slowly starts creeping forward. Soon enough, it picks up speed and starts rolling forward more. The driver comes running from the left side of the video, but trips over a snowbank and falls into a full somersault. He recovers pretty quickly and takes off running after the truck. However, it’s too late and it barrels into the forest downhill.

Watch the video below:

Oil delivery truck driver forgets to engage the parking brake
by u/Babuszka6 in Truckers

One viewer pointed out, “Haha one movie trope that is real as fuck is that in a horrible situation when the stakes are highest the person always falls down, every damn time.” Another added, “TIL I love the safety feature that honks when the door opens without the brakes set.”

The moral of this video is to always be sure to secure your vehicle, especially when parked by a hill.

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