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WATCH: Semi Slips and Slides into Snow

It’s been said that “you can take a turn too slow your whole career, but only take it too fast once.”

That piece of advice might’ve been going through this driver’s head when a fellow trucker tried to pass him on a slick road and ended up crashing into the snow. The incident was recorded on their dashcam and uploaded to the r/Truckers community on Reddit by u/wwwwweeeeelllll.

In the video, the driver drives carefully on a slick icy road when another big rig tries to pass them on the left. Before they can even try to move back into the right lane, it appears that they lose control of the rig. The momentum of the truck causes it to slide and crash into the snow bank on the right side. Heads up driving by the dashcam trucker allowed them to come to a stop without getting involved with the accident.

Under the video, one Redditor commented, “Looks like there drives slowed down but there tandems didn’t. The momentum from the trailer pushed too hard against the tractor, nearing the point of no return, add some sideways force from a turn and you’ve got a jackknife. That’s why you only use your break pedal in slick conditions, it slows all the axles, not just the drives. On top of that they were driving way too fast for those conditions so there’s a good chance they jackknifed without using the jakes, but using the jakes dose make it much more likely.”

Watch the wreck below:

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