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WATCH: “Skateboarding” Semi Grinds Rail on Highway

Somewhere out there, Tony Hawk is proud of this trucker.

A video of a semi-truck caught in an awkward satiation on the highway has gone viral this week. As seen in u/cruxgt‘s post on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, a big rig is seen doing what looks like a skateboard trick on the rail. It is unknown how the truck got in that position, but after grinding down the rail it sticks the landing and drives off.

Watch the video below:

Grinding rails or somehting, idk, i’m not a skater
by u/cruxgt in IdiotsInCars

In the comments below the video, a user questioned how the 18-wheeler got in that situation in the first place. One commenter suggested that the rig cut the left turn a little too sharp. Another user added, “How they got into that situation was probably real stupid, but the way they got out of it was surprisingly smooth.”

After that impressive recovery, we may see this trucker doing kick flips and ollies next.



Tony Hawk has taken to Instagram to respond to the viral video. In his post, he said, “Semi Smith? Landed clean! I wish I could grind flat bars this solidly. The driver is probably goofy-footed so I’m calling this a front Smith until further clarification.”

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