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WATCH: Train vs. Semi Collision

On the road. semi trucks win most of the time… unless they’re against trains.

This video, posted by u/Necon0 on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit shows the moment of impact when a train collided with a semi truck on April 27.

The video begins with the cameraman sitting at a red light across from an intersection. A green semi truck was stuck on the train tracks when the crossing guard bar came down between the cab and its trailer. The trucker can be seen wandering around the cab, but not for long. When the train comes barreling down the tracks, he runs out of the way just in time to avoid the collision. The train smacks right into the side of the cab, smashing it into pieces just before the cameraman drops their phone.

Watch the video below:

Semi trucks win 99% of the time, but not against trains.
by u/Necon0 in IdiotsInCars

In the comments, one Redditor pointed out, “Pausing this at the moment of impact really speaks to the scale of trains. That locomotive towers over the cab of a semi. That thing is a two-story brick shithouse moving with all the weight of Newtonian physics behind it. Can’t stop, won’t stop, don’t even know to stop.”

WRDW also reported the accident. They reported no injuries from the truck driver or train crew. However, the wreckage of the semi did leak oil and fuel into a ditch. After a few hours of cleanup, the train got moving again.

See another angle photo of the accident below:

Original article by WRDW.


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